Sewell Kids Karate Classes

Beginner Kids Karate Classes Enrolling In May

Kids Karate -THE ULTIMATE Physical and Mental SPORT!

Kids Karate In Sewell Will Improve Your Child's Confidence and Self Respect!

Kids Karate at The Growth Dojo gives kids the opportunity to experience physical fitness on a whole new level. Kids get excited because we make exercise fun! Ask parents who they think provides the BEST self defense program in all of Sewell and Washington Township, and hands down it'll be The Growth Dojo in Sewell NJ. We guarantee your kids will get all the benefits you expect, in a curriculum that fits your family's busy schedule.

Our instructors have dozens of years experience teaching kids the skills of trained martial arts masters, from practicing restraint when provoked, to key self-defense maneuvers that could on day save your child's life!

The perfect introduction to martial arts for your little ones. Playtime may be over, but the fun never ends at The Growth Dojo.


Benefits of Kids Karate

  • Fun, energetic classes that are just right for kids in kindergarten and first grade
  • We introduce kids to the importance of fitness and self-discipline
  • Gets kids excited about exercise
  • Teaches kids the rules of ôStranger Dangerö
  • Cool Karate moves: kicks, punches, lunges and chops
  • Positive rewards and discipline so kids feel great about their accomplishments
  • ôMat Chats" about awareness, safety, strangers and bullies
  • Plus 6 Black Belt Principles: Modesty, Self Control, Courtesy, Perseverance, Integrity, Indomitable Spirit
  • A great workout that hones athletic skills
  • Learn to develop leadership traits like courage, risk & reward, humility, the value of a teamwork
  • Learn to deal with peer pressure
  • And, so much MORE!

Kids Karate Program Age Groups

  • From Age 5 To 6 (Little Champions)
  • From Age 7 To 11 (Kids Karate)
  • From Age 12 To 16 (Teen Leaders)

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