ABC's of Greatness: BEHAVIOR

ABC's of Greatness: BEHAVIOR

"Habits We Train Are Habits We Gain."

Think of someone successful in your life. What do you think they do to become successful?

Do they show up with their best effort all the time?

Are they consistent in their daily actions?

I am sure the answer is yes!

As Coaches our goal is to inspire our students to study the habits of champions in their life. Straight "A" Champions, Athlete Champions, and Black Belt Champions. This will help them make the right decisions and want to do the right thing. Listen to the video below on how the ABC's of Greatness letter B stands for "Behavior." Then print the worksheet out below and have your child fill in who inspires them and what they do to be great. Linking who motivates your child to the habits you would like them to inherit will make getting their homework done easier:)


Mark Moore

Head Coach


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