Keep Score to Soar!

Keep Score to Soar!

When a fighter steps into the ring he can win by a knock out or a decision. If it’s a decision it will go to the judges, and the judges will score the fight. They will score the fight, round by round and punch by punch. The fighter that is more consistent in earning the points, round after round, wins. 

Just like a fighter, you step in to your ring every day. This ring is called life, and you can either knock out your goals and challenges, or win on decisions. Knockouts are nice but decisions happen more. If you would like to be the champion of your life, score yourself with our fight card every week. You will fill out some daily action steps that will help you achieve greatness. This scoring card will help you focus on the process, day by day, so you can be a winner each and every week!

Be Safe, Be Strong, and Be Successful!

Coach Mark Moore

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