Back to School Success: 3 to THRIVE

Back to School Success: 3 to THRIVE

Whether you're in school or not, adding 1 of these 3 habits will take your success or grades to the next level.


1.) Think It, Ink It: Writing down your assignments and goals will help keep your thoughts focused and prioritized. Putting your thoughts or tasks on paper helps keep your mind less stressed. When you take a task out of your mind and write it down you won't have to worry about remembering everything and be nervous that you might forget it.


2.) Finish Your Day Before You Start It:  Every night write down your plan for the next day. What time will you wake up? What appointments do you have after school? When is practice? This habit will help you focus on what's important and when to get it done.


3.) Attitude Of Gratitude:  Every morning and night write down or think about 3 things you are grateful for. This powerful thought process will get you excited about what you have. This feel good emotion will motivate you to be more, have more, and give more.


Coach Mark Moore

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