3 Ways to get your “Eye of the Tiger” Back

3 Ways to get your “Eye of the Tiger” Back

🥊ROCKTOBER Tip: 3 Ways to get your “Eye of the Tiger” Back
In Rocky 3, Rocky lost his mojo (eye of the tiger) after his trainer died. In the below scene, Apollo reminds him he has to get that eye of the tiger back by going back to the beginning.
1️⃣Back to his WHY: Reminding yourself why you do what you do will connect your head to your heart. This combo will fuel your mojo.
2️⃣ Back to the BASICS: Sometimes we get so focused on the next big idea we forget it was the simple things done really well that got you success in the first place.
3️⃣ Back to the right ENVIRONMENT: Micky tells Rocky, they need to go back to the old gym and get some blood, sweat, and tears in him. Your environment (who your surrounding yourself with) is one of the easiest ways to get your eye of the tiger back. Get around winners and you’ll become one.

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