Adversity Provides Greater Opportunities

Adversity Provides Greater Opportunities

Adversity Provides Greater Opportunities

I believe that eliminating problems limits our potential. Just about every successful entrepreneur I’ve met has numerous stories of adversity and setbacks that open doors to greater opportunity.

For example, in 1978 Bernie Marcus, son of a poor Russian cabinet maker in Newark, New Jersey, was fired from Handy Dan, a do it yourself hardware retailer. That prompted Marcus to team with Arthur Blank to start their own business. In 1979 they opened The first store in Atlanta, Georgia. It was called Home Depot. Today, Home Depot has more than 760 stores and hiring more than 157,000 people; they have expanded the business to include overseas operations; each year they do more than 30 billion in sales.

I’m sure Bernie Marcus wasn’t very happy about getting fired from his job back in the day. But if he hadn’t been, who knows whether he would have a achieved the success he has today. -Attitude 101

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