Adversity Is Your Advantage

Adversity Is Your Advantage

Psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers asserts, "The person interested in success has to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process of getting to the top."

Nothing in life breeds resilience like failure and adversity. A study in Time Magazine in the mid 1980's described the incredible resilience of a group who had lost their job three time because of plants closing. Psychologist expected them to be discouraged, but they were surprisingly optimistic. Their adversity had actually created an advantage. Because they had already lost a job and found a new one at least twice, they were better able to handle adversity than people who had only worked for one company and found themselves unemployed. -Attitude 101

Flashback to move forward: When was a time you you showed adversity? Why were you able to continue on? How can that help you today?

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