Giving is Living!

Giving is Living!

"When you GET a gift you are grateful. When you GIVE a gift you get fulfillment." -John Maxwell

I love giving!

It's a way I can be totally selfish to fulfill my own needs to be happy and at the same time bring joy to someone else. The power of giving is important to us here at Underground Martial Arts because it helps build character and self-esteem in our students.

Giving is one of the best ways to teach a child great character because it strengthens their desire to care for others and to be grateful for what they do have. Having this attitude of gratitude will raise their own level of happiness.

By leveling up someones ability to give it takes the suffering off of themselves and gets them to focus on someone else who may be suffering. This change in their mindset empowers them to know they can make a difference which in turns boost their self-esteem and the way they feel about themselves.

This is what makes us proud to be the dojo that makes a difference!



Student Spotlight

Over 200 hours of selfless service for his community👏🏼 Landon received the Gold Presidential Service Award for all of the community service has done over the last year. Crazy awesome!!!

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