13 Year Old Making a Differences

13 Year Old Making a Differences

Student Spotlight 

"I AM THE CHANGE" is on these hands to show, “YOU MATTER!”

Alexander, who is just 13 years old, is raising money for Suicide Awareness. He is training for his 2nd Degree Black Belt. Besides physical requirements, he must achieve a personal goal. Alexander has chosen to raise money for Suicide Awareness. He understands the mental health system is not the best. Within the last few years he’s learned of quite a number of people dying by suicide. Some old. But most were young. And this has really affected Alexander. So he is educating people on the 5 signs that someone may need help. Influencing our students to make a difference gives them a powerful and positive life. 

How could you give your child a life of positive impact and self-respect?

These are 3 ways we help our students live their best life:

GIVING: Learning how to give is the best way to build character.

MISSION: Finding a worthy cause that is bigger than you gives you significance.

LEADERSHIP: Leading others to join your mission gives you purpose and meaning. 


Coach Mark Moore

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