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  • Get Curious and Live Adventures

    Get Curious and Live Adventures

    What makes Indiana Jones so exciting is his constant curiosity of knowledge, improvement, and new adventures. You too can have an exciting life by being more curious. Growth Warriors bring wisdom to their challenges instead of just excepting their current situation. Be like Indiana Jones and get curious about new ways of doing things to make your life better! ....

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  • Got Bowser Power?

    Got Bowser Power?

    Here’s one way to turn your fears into fuel and super charge your confidence like Mario! Bring it ON!! ....

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  • Avoid Other Peoples Mud

    Avoid Other Peoples Mud

    An elephant bathed in a river and was travelling along its route. As it approached a bridge, it noticed a pig completely drenched in dirty mud from opposite directions. The elephant calmly moved to one side, allowing the filthy pig to pass, and then proceeded on its way. “See how large I am; even the elephant was terrified of me and stepped to one side to allow me to pass,” the dirty pig later boasted to its buddies. When they heard this, several elephants questioned their friend’s actions. ‘Was it due to fear that you moved to the side?” “I could have easily crushed the pig beneath my leg,” the ....

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    How you view things, is how you do things! If we learn to view obstacles and challenges as opportunities for us to learn and grow, we would welcome them with open arms. Which is why our Growth Students say, “BRING IT ON!” when confronted with a challenge. ....

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