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  • 5 Ways To Build Your Self-Esteem

    5 Ways To Build Your Self-Esteem

    THE GROWTH DOJO’S: 5 TIPS TO BUILDING YOUR CHILDS (or yours;) SELF-ESTEEM BE NICE TO YOURSELF: It’s very natural to be a fault-finder. What’s wrong is always available but so is what’s right. Focus instead on being a good-finder. Write down 3 things that you like about yourself everyday for the next 7 days. DON’T COMPARE: Studies have shown that people who are happy compare themselves way less than others. Be happy for others successes but don’t use them as a measurement for your success. Instead see it as inspiration not competition. ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: When you complain you remain the same. What you appreciate, ....

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  • Keep It Simple

    Keep It Simple

    Keep It Simple There once was a famous landscape architect, a master, who traveled the world creating amazing gardens and landscapes at prestigious locations. People reported that, whenever he felt particularly challenged, he'd pull out a piece of paper from his pocket, look at it, nod, fold it back up, and then get to work creating another masterpiece. People were astounded by the brilliant designs that would seem to come out of nowhere after he studied that tiny piece of paper. Eventually this master designer died. His colleagues approached his widow and asked to see that mysterious piece of paper. After much to-do, she allowed them one glance at the old slip of paper. They gather ....

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  • Stand Tall and Feel Strong

    Stand Tall and Feel Strong

    “Our nonverbals govern how we think and feel about ourselves. Our bodies change our minds.” -Amy Cuddy Power poses activate what psychologists call the behavioral approach system, which increases our feelings of strength and decreases feelings of fear. At The Growth Dojo our students constantly perform a “Posture Check” throughout class. When an instructor yells, “posture check” the class yells back, “shoulders back, chin up, eyes are forward!” This small yet very effective empowerment hack injects confidence and spirit in our students. Respectfully, Coach Mark ....

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  • Coloring Challenge

    Coloring Challenge

    Put your focus to the test and color your best leprechaun. Follow the directions on the worksheet and drop it off at our dojo on or before Saint Patty's Day (March 17th). ....

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  • Which one are you?

    Which one are you?

    Below is a great story about adversity for you and your child. This story goes perfect with the "W" in G.R.O.W.T.H which stands for "Willpower." Black Belt Champions perceive adversity as an advantage. This mindset allows us to see the good in challenging times and make the best of what we have. Enjoy the story Growth Warrior! Coach Mark:) The Story of The Carrot, The Egg, and The Coffee Bean A young girl went to her grandmother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed that, as one problem was solved, a new one ....

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  • How do you see yourself?

    How do you see yourself?

    Self-esteem is the single most significant key to a persons behavior. Zig Ziglar said, “It’s impossible to consistently behave in a matter and inconsistent with how we see ourselves. We can do very few things in a positive way if we feel negative about ourselves.” Zig has a very practical, commonsense wisdom that he has shared with people for years. But experts in the field agree with his assessment. Nathaniel Braden, a psychiatrist and expert on the subject of self-esteem says, “no factor is more important in people’s psychological development and motivation than the value judgments they make about themselves. Every aspect of our lives is impacted by ....

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  • Adversity Provides Greater Opportunities

    Adversity Provides Greater Opportunities

    Adversity Provides Greater Opportunities I believe that eliminating problems limits our potential. Just about every successful entrepreneur I’ve met has numerous stories of adversity and setbacks that open doors to greater opportunity. For example, in 1978 Bernie Marcus, son of a poor Russian cabinet maker in Newark, New Jersey, was fired from Handy Dan, a do it yourself hardware retailer. That prompted Marcus to team with Arthur Blank to start their own business. In 1979 they opened The first store in Atlanta, Georgia. It was called Home Depot. Today, Home Depot has more than 760 stores and hiring more than 157,000 people; they have expanded the business to include ....

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  • Got Resilience?

    Got Resilience?

    Questions control the conversation in your head. If you ask better questions, you will get better answers:) In this video learn the value of empowering questions and watch your resilience grow stronger. Also I attached our W.A.R Resilience worksheet with 3 extra empowering questions. Put in on your fridge and read them when doubt enters your mind. ....

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  • Adversity Is Your Advantage

    Adversity Is Your Advantage

    Psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers asserts, "The person interested in success has to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process of getting to the top." Nothing in life breeds resilience like failure and adversity. A study in Time Magazine in the mid 1980's described the incredible resilience of a group who had lost their job three time because of plants closing. Psychologist expected them to be discouraged, but they were surprisingly optimistic. Their adversity had actually created an advantage. Because they had already lost a job and found a new one at least twice, they were better able to handle adversity than people who had only worked for one company and found ....

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