Head Martial Arts and Growth Coach

Kids Karate near Sewell

Mark Moore

-Head Coach of Underground Martial Arts and Fitness Center since 2006

-2nd Degree Black Belt under Sensei Ric Pancetta (American Go-Ju Karate)

-4th Degree Black Belt under Shihan Craig Haley (Elite Force Martial Arts)

-C.O.B.R.A. Certified Self-Defense Instructor under Chris Sutton (Combat Objective Battle Ready Application)

-Level 2 Instructor under John Whitman (Alliance Krav Maga)

-Training For Warrior strength and conditioning Coach under Martin Rooney (TFW)

-Leadership Coach under John Maxwell

-Bully Prevention and Self-Development Expert

-Author of "10-Foot Tall and Bully Proof

-Creator of the "Daily Dojo Planner"

-Motivational and Inspirational Speaker for schools, businesses, and sports teams


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Kids Karate near Sewell

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