Your Private Bank Account

Your Private Bank Account

Do you invest in yourself? 

Do you make daily positive deposits to your character and positive self-development? 

Just like making deposits in your bank account to secure a wealthy future, winners in life make positive deposits in themselves to secure a happy and healthy future. Making these deposits of greatness in yourself builds what is called your “Private Bank Account.”

Long before you are victorious in the public eye your success is achieved privately first. It’s the everyday little things that you do to achieve big rewards that will make you a winner in life. These small everyday victories add to your “private bank account.” 

Success is built from the inside out. Being rich with a rock solid character, a black belt attitude, and high level skill will give you a lifetime of achievement. It all starts with you. Black belt champions are constantly making random acts of kindness, avoiding stink’in think’in, magnifying their talents, and are always focused on respect for themselves and others. 

Not building your personal bank account will resort in withdrawing from yourself. This withdrawal will lead to an unfulfilled life, low confidence, poor self-esteem, and bad relationships.

Start building your “Private Bank Account” today to lead the ultimate black belt lifestyle. 

Here are 4 easy ways to become rich with greatness:

1.) Do a random act of kindness for someone today.

(take the trash out, buy someone a cup of coffee, make your siblings bed)

2.) Magnify your talents.

Write down a skill you would like to develop and the action steps that will take you there.

3.) Build rockstar relationships

 -Call an old friend or relative and say hi. 

-Write something positive on a friends Facebook wall.

-Send someone a thank you card for impacting your life in a positive way

4.) Respect yourself.

Write down all the things you like about yourself. Write down all your past victories. Write down things you would like to achieve and would make your life a dream come true.


Coach Mark