Your Potential Isn’t Set

Your Potential Isn’t Set

Your potential isn’t set. 

Have you given much thought to your potential? 

Most people think theirs is set. We hear one person identified as “high capacity” and another as “low capacity” and we just accept What’s your capacity? Have you defined it as high, low, or average? Do you think it’s set? Maybe you haven’t put a label on it, but you’ve probably settled into a level of achievement that you believe is what’s possible for you.

That’s a problem.

Too many people hear the word capacity and assume it’s a limitation. They see their capacity is set— especially if they’re beyond a certain age. People give up on the idea that their capacity or their potential can grow. All they do is try to manage whatever they think they’ve got. That’s too confining. Instead, we need to define our world and ourselves in terms of our possibilities. 

While I believe 100% that people can grow, change their capacity, and increase their potential. I also acknowledge that all of us have caps on our capacity. Some caps are fixed but most are not. We can’t allow these unfixed caps to keep our lives from expanding. We can’t let caps define our potential. We need to look beyond the caps and see our true potential.

What caps have others put on you that you want to remove? 

What caps have you put on yourself that are limiting your capacity?

 What must you do to begin loosening those caps?

-John C. Maxwell