Spiderman Power

Spiderman Power

Spiderman Power

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

I am sure you have heard of this quote before, especially if you are a fan of Spiderman! This quote is something we have been talking about on the Martial Arts mat this week, but with a twist!

If you flip this quote around you get:

“With great responsibility comes great power.”

Sometimes the word responsibility does not sound fun, both to kids and adults, but the word power sounds a lot better. We all want power! Power to be healthy and fit, power to do what we want, power to become something more in our life! Well, if you want more power in your life, then you need to take on more responsibilities, too! This can include the responsibility to start working out more, eating healthier foods, showing up to work on time, among many other things! When you do this, you will start becoming healthier, more fit, physically and mentally stronger, and you help to raise your overall quality of life!

When we become aware of this and deliberately take on more responsibilities in our life, we gain MORE power! So rather than trying to stay away from taking responsibilities, start looking for more that will bring power into your life and take you to the next level!

Coach Josh Sivel