Level Up Your Success!

Level Up Your Success_

Want more confidence?

Want more money?

Want to improve an area of your life?

Want more success?

Follow our 3 A’s of Black Belt success and level up your

3 Easy A’s to Level Up Your Life!


Just show up! Whether you feel like it or not, just show up. Half of the time success is just showing up and doing your best. Arnold Schwarzenegger said, even if he did not feel like working out he still went and gave it 50%. This might sound like common sense but common sense isn’t so common:) Doing 50% is always better than 0%. On the road to Black Belt it’s our standard to make a certain amount of classes. If a student doesn’t show up to class they obviously can’t expect to level up. You can’t expect to make more money, improve your grades, or your skills if you don’t step up and show up. 


Confidence comes from learning how to do something. Leveling up your skill will help you breakthrough your next level of personal growth. What you have done up until this point is good, but breaking through your ceiling of growth will require new abilities. This is why Black Belt Champions have the mindset that “the best get better!”


Their is a quote we use all the time with our students and it’s by Zig Ziglar. The quote is, “Your Attitude Determines your Altitude.” It’s easy to have a good attitude when things are going well. As our students begin their journey towards Black Belt they are condition to keep an awesome spirit even if they are tired. This attitude adjustment gets them focused on doing their best and finishing any and all tasks! Mindset is everything and when it’s a positive one you become unstoppable!

To your GROWTH,

Coach Mark Moore