Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

If you want to grow to your potential, you must know yourself: your strengths and weaknesses, your interest and opportunities. You must be able to gauge not only where you’ve been, but also where you are now. Otherwise you cannot set a course for where you want to go. And of course, every time you want to learn something, you must be able to take the new thing you’ve learned today and build on what you learned yesterday to keep growing. That’s the only way to gain traction and keep improving yourself. Knowing yourself is like reading “you are here“ on a map when you want to find your way to the destination. –John Maxwell

 At The Growth Dojo one of the biggest advantages that our students have is the constant growth in their self-esteem. By creating an environment that does not allow you to compare yourself to others, gives you the ability to focus on your own growth. Studies have shown people that are unhappy are the ones that compare themselves the most to others. By focusing on our students personal self-development they get to know who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and gain the confidence to become more.


Mark Moore

Head Coach


1.  What would you like to do?

2.  What talents, skills and opportunities do you possess that support your desire to do it?

3.  What are your motives for wanting to do it?