How to get the Eye of the Tiger

How to get the Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

There is a certain look winners have. A certain look of determination. A look that will stare down any challenge. A look that will make a person quit the fight before it even starts. The look of “tiger eyes.” This look comes from the fire inside that will allow you to achieve any goal or dream that you desire. This look will be your guidance through the fire of doubts, fears, and the nay-sayers.  

Do you have it?

Do you know how to get it?

Black Belt Champions get the eye of the tiger through knowing why they train. The students that step on the mat with fire in their eyes have a purpose that drives them to be their best every class. So to be your best in your martial arts, work, school, and life you must know your why. Why do you want to improve your health? How will it feel to be in the best shape of your life? What will it mean to you to achieve Black Belt? 

In Rocky 1, Rocky is mocked, works for losers, and is called a bum by his own trainer. But when he was chosen to fight by the heavyweight champion of the world Apollo Creed, Rocky found his WHY. This “why” gave him the eye of the tiger to become more, prove he is not worthless, and fight for his self-respect.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”-Mark Twain

Another great way to get the eye of the tiger, or to get it back again, like in Rocky 3, is to think of past successes. As Anthony Robbins say’s, “success leaves clues.” Think back when you did achieve big in life and why was it possible. These visions of past successes will relight the fire inside. A positive thought will spark a positive attitude. Then a positive attitude will help promote positive actions. Finally positive actions will give birth to positive results, thus giving you that hunger again for success. 

Your life is your ring and if you want to be the world champion of your ring then you must get the eye of the tiger. Life’s challenges and obstacles should want to give up just by looking at you. Once you find your “why” that first round bell will ring in your head and you will walk through any challenge or obstacle and become the world champion of your life.

See you on the mat!


Coach Mark Moore