Goal Setting For Greatness

Goal Setting For Greatness

Would you like 2020 to be your best year?

Would you like to go into the next decade with speed, momentum, and success?

Your next level greatness for your future will be determine by what you do now. If you still have goals that you set in the past and have not achieved them yet than your confidence, self-esteem, and drive are probably very low. Not achieving your goals or living life on your terms can be very tough and depressing. You become negative about yourself and gain momentum in the wrong direction.

Good News!

Tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to make the rest of your life, the best of your life. I am super excited to help you gain back your momentum and finish the year with a win! Like you, I have had many setbacks, months of lost momentum, and feelings of negativity. These low points of my life have forced me to constantly look for solutions to change my current situation. The two most common things that have helped me bounce back and achieve big are goal setting and reasons. 

Goals give you energy!

Reasons give you purpose!

Combining these two will give you the next level life you are looking for! 

Today my goal is to give you a success formula that we use to create Black Belt Champions. This formula has changed thousands of lives and will hopefully be of service to you! 

Here is the plan:

The REASON for you to step up now is because this is the end of the year and the last decade. I am totally inspired to finish the strong and with a win. I would like to go into 2020 with massive momentum and would like to take you with me. Success is always better together:) 

The GOAL is to think of either a goal that you have set in 2019 and would like to work towards achieving it or accomplishing it before the end of the year. By achieving this 2019 goal you will set yourself free of the past and give yourself back power to crush 2020. Another way to make 2020 your best year ever is to set the seeds of greatness now. What’s one goal you can set now and finish it by the end of the year. This achievement will drive you into 2020 fast and furious!

Below is your formula to success. Read it and set a goal NOW! Let’s take action on becoming the best version of yourself!! Please reach out if I can help in anyway or share your goal with me so I can cheer you on.

To Your Greatness,

Mark Moore

Head Coach