Does Disappointment Destroy You or Drive You?

Does Disappointment Destroy You or Drive You_

In Rocky three, Rocky fights clubber Lang twice. In his first fight against Clubber, his trainer has a heart attack before the fight. This mentally destroys Rocky and his ability to win the first encounter. Rocky then does what he does best, and trains hard for the next fight. The second fight halfway through Rocky is taking a beating and Creed, his trainer, yells out, “he’s getting destroyed” but Pauly says, “no, he’s getting mad!” This drive of anger made Rocky victorious.

Like Rocky, we all have disappointments and setbacks in life, but what makes a true champion is our ability to turn our disappointments into drive instead of letting it destroy us. On our martial arts mat, we always talk about turning our pain into gain! Winners know how to take their disappointments and use it to fuel them to improve their lives. Losers, however, let their disappointments destroy them.

This week think of some setbacks and disappointments that you have had in your life, and use it to drive you to another level. A level of greatness, a level of excellence, a level of no surrender and no retreat. Let’s turn your pain into gain, this 2018, and make it your best year ever!


Coach Mark Moore