“Life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve.” –Anthony Robbins

What is CANI?

CANI is the thought process that successful people train their brain to focus on and to take any area of their life to the next level. It stands for, “Constant And Never-Ending Improvement!”

I’m sure you would agree life is so much more exciting when you are excelling at it. Imagine everyday asking yourself the powerful question, “What can I do to improve myself today?” This question first controls your focus, then allows you to take specific action, and finally results will follow. Doing this process over and over will allow you to make massive progress in your life. This progress will in return give you a feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

As a Black Belt and Beyond Champion in training, you condition yourself to make every class your best class. One area that you are always looking to improve is your five Black Belt Qualities. These qualities are Speed, Power, Intensity, Accuracy, and Black Belt Detail. CANI helps promote the self-leadership needed to become your best at these qualities, and in turn become a Black Belt Champion!

CANI will help you as a student improve your grades, work, business, and overall fitness levels. This mindset to consistently improve yourself will build a momentum that will make you unstoppable at achieving your dreams and goals. Now is the time to take action and commit to CANI and inspire everyone around you!

See you on the mat!


Coach Mark Moore