Are You Worth It?

Are You Worth It?

Have you ever realized that when you set a goal and attempt to achieve it, it doesn’t always go according to plan. You are super excited to start trying to improve your life and than WHAM! you get a flat tire, the babysitter canceled, you woke up to late, you forgot an assignment was due and the list goes on.

It’s like life secretly wants to test your determination, see you quit, or tell you no.

Well guess what? Life does want to tell you “NO!”

Every time you set a goal it has a price. Once that price is set, your job is to sell yourself. Your job is to show life what you are capable of and what you are worth. Every time you step up and over come an obstacle or improve yourself you become more valuable. The more valuable you become the higher price tags you will be able to afford. 

Small goals have small prices and require low value. Big goals have big price tags and require high value.

Every time life tells you “no” you have to sell yourself. That goal you want to achieve demands more value aka effort. Winners in life increase their value every day so they can purchase any goal they set. 

Here are ways to become more valuable:

1. START EARLIER: Rise and grind! If you get up 20 minutes earlier you will give yourself and extra two hours and twenty minutes a week to crush your goal.

2. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS FOR FRIENDS: You were born to be a winner and in order to be a winner you need to surround yourself with winners. When you surround yourself with winners sooner or later it will rub off on you. Stop tolerating negative people that bring you down and steal your value.

3. GIVE VALUE: One of the easiest ways to become more valuable is to give more to others than what’s expected.


Coach Mark Moore

Punch Life in the Face