Are you a Victim or a Victor?

Are you a Victim or a Victor?

If I point one finger at you, guess what happens? Three fingers point back at me. Our mat chat this week at Underground Martial arts and Fitness Center is all about being a victor, not a victim. Victims blame others for their lives, but victors take responsibility for their actions and where they are in life. 

There’s a funny saying, “if you’re going to make a blame sandwich, be ready to eat it yourself. “As Black Belt Champions and leaders of our own lives, we love taking the responsibility of what happens in our lives, because it gives us the power to choose what happens next. The power of choice is one of our greatest strengths. Especially the choice you make after something negative happens in your life. Having a victor mindset is an attitude and an attitude can be changed in a second. So decide right now to raise your hands in victory and no longer be a victim of your circumstances. Instead empower yourself with a victor attitude!Respectfully,Coach Mark MooreHead Coach

Are you a Victim or Victor?