5 Ways to Hustle Hard and Achieve BIG!



It’s FIRED UP FEBRUARY and we are six weeks into the new year! For many people, February is where they fall off from those New Year goals. Regardless of the goals or why you are going after them, you need to HUSTLE towards those goals still. The definition of hustle is “busy movement and activity” or to “force to move hurriedly in a specified direction”. Joshua Medcalf explains dozens of ways to do this in his book Hustle. On the mat, we say “Train hard, Win easy” which is all about hustling and it can be applied to any area of life. “Training hard” and hustling in school comes in the form of studying and doing your homework, at work it comes in the form of going through your daily, mundane tasks and still staying positive and doing extra work. In any area though, the principle is the same. Hustle now, train hard, and you will win easier later. The more work you put in now and keep putting in, the more results you will see in the future. A very important part of this is, like the definition says, you need to move in a specified direction. You need to know where you are going and attack every challenge and obstacle that is in the way toward your goal. Here are five huge ways to start hustling and achieving your goals:

  1. THE HUSTLE MUSCLE. Everyone knows that if you work out and exercise different muscles, they will grow. This is the same when it comes to your “hustle muscle”. As you hustle more, your hustle muscles grow! And what is great is that there are thousands of different exercises! Different ways to hustle all depend on your goals and objectives. Examples are: Waking up early to start your day, working out even when you don’t want to, staying late at your job to get extra work done, or even something as simple as reading for a few minutes every day. The great thing is that you get to define what hustling means to you!

  2. CHOOSE YOUR UNCOMFORTABLE. There are two sides to everything and being uncomfortable is one of them. Where would you rather be uncomfortable? Would you choose to be uncomfortable exercising after a long day or choose to be uncomfortable because you are overweight and have no energy? Would you rather be uncomfortable waking up early every day or be uncomfortable feeling that you don’t have enough time in the day? You will always have something in your life that is uncomfortable, but you get to choose what that is!

  3. DON’T CONFUSE HUSTLE WITH BUSYNESS. The only resource that is the exact same for everyone in the world is time, and how you use what you have today will impact how much or how little you have of it in the future. Most people think that the more time they spend doing “stuff” means that they are accomplishing more, but this is hardly the truth. It is what you are spending your time on that truly matters. You must prioritize your goals and spend your time wisely.

  4. FUEL. One of the best ways to hustle more often and more effectively is to fuel yourself properly! On the mat, we make the comparison between your body and racecars. Do you fuel your racecar with low-quality fuel or high-quality fuel? Your body is your vehicle and you can never switch it in for a different one! If you want to be able to wake up early and go to bed late and still have energy leftover, you need to eat right and fuel yourself with high-quality foods.

  5. REST. Listen to your body. Just like everyone has the same amount of time in their day, everyone needs to get rest. The amount of rest depends on you though. It does not matter if you are a millionaire, a stay-at-home parent, a teenager, or a professional athlete, you need to listen to your body and let it repair itself. Hustle is all about the hard, dirty work, crushing your obstacles, and accomplishing your goals, but if you don’t listen to your body, fuel your body, and rest your body, you won’t be able to hustle even the slightest bit.

It is FIRED UP FEBRUARY and we need to either re-ignite ourselves or keep pushing forward like we did when we set our goals last month. Let’s keep making progress, keep crushing any obstacles in our way, and keep achieving those goals! Work that “Hustle Muscle” and get after it this month!


Mr. Josh Sivel

Underground Martial Arts and Fitness Center 

Self-Defense, Strength, and Success Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt