10 Years Old and Makes A Difference

10 Years Old and Makes A Difference

“It all started with a post,” said Charlotte!

Charlotte Stewart-Groff is 10 years old and is an Advanced Yellow Belt at The Growth Dojo.

Charlotte recently inspired us with her Go-Giver project in which she drew uplifting words and quotes on papers that were then sent out to different hospitals in the area. Charlotte inspires us with her respect, her amazing attitude, her ability to be a Go-Giver, and her ability to not only be positive in a difficult time, but to spread positivity!

Charlotte is an awesome example of what we want our Black Belts at The Growth Dojo to become!

We believe that Martial Arts is more than just kicking and punching, and it is more about using your Martial Arts to help others! A Black Belt is someone who is able to use their improved confidence, self-esteem, and character in order to be a leader that makes themselves and their communities better!

We teach that “The secret to living is GIVING” and try to inspire our students to be Go-Givers in the community. Charlotte has inspired us by being a Go-Giver in her community and we cannot wait to see what she is going to do next to spread even more joy and positivity!

Check out the video below to hear more about Charlotte’s project and what inspires her to want to help others!

Martial Arts GO-Giver